Bavaria City Racing Launch Party

The launch party for the Bavaria City Racing event took place in CHQ, IFSC, Dublin in November.  Bringing the Glitz and Glam of Formula One to Dublin the launch party showcased the content and experience that was to be expected at Bavaria City Racing. Several of the racing vehicles used at the event were on display while the drivers and experts were available for questions and discussion. 

Magnum Events contracted Avcom to to assist in the design and supply of all the technical equipment for this event. Avcom’s design team supplied a twenty foot screen which provided the backdrop to the stage and the new Vodafone McLaren F1 racing car. Also supplied were six artistic video projections onto walls, draping and the floors, more than 30 intelligent moving lights, and two separate sound systems with customised audio effects that provided a racing track experience.

The collaboration of Magnum Events and Avcom created a highly visual and impactful event that was an outstanding success.

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Bavaria City Racing Launch Party

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