Festival and Event Production, Management & Consultancy We supply a range of services focused around the production of festivals and events.  At the core, we offer event management and production services to state bodies & organisations hosting large public outdoor events.  However, we work on many other event types in varying capacities.  Often, this is through other event management, marketing & pr companies or in-house event teams who want to program content and manage the overall concept themselves but need help with the challenging on-the-day production and pre-production aspects of an event in a public space.  We provide our clients with a variety of production support services depending on where our help is needed.  It’s this flexible approach to what we can provide and how we can provide it which allows us to seamlessly collaborate with all stakeholders and offer award winning services, even when the budget is tight!

Some core services we can offer :


  • –   Large-scale project management
  • –   Procurement management
  • –   Site and venue sourcing & design – including CAD drawings
  • –   Statutory Liaison
  • –   Contractor / Supplier liaison
  • –   Production scheduling and timelines
  • –   Full event management plans
  • –   Security and medical staff management and provision
  • –   Financial control and ongoing auditing
  • –   Insurance advisement and management
  • –   Event Safety, please see our safety section for further information.
  • –   Development & implementation of bespoke technology solutions.

Some other services we can offer :

Event Accreditation :   Over the last five years, we have grown to become Ireland’s largest retailer / wholesaler of event wristbands.  We are very proud that we can now successfully compete on price internationally.  While wristbands are the most popular product in the ‘accreditation’ category, we also sell lanyards and laminate passes in a number of ranges and styles.  While we are very competitive on price, it is the extra effort we put into artwork design that sets us apart from the competition.  We don’t charge extra for this as we believe it’s the most important part of the wristband.  We want you to be proud of them and your guests to treasure them afterwards like sacred artifacts!


Contracted Staff : This is where the quality of our team really shine through.  We have placed staff in key production roles on some of the countries’ largest events sometimes working in-house, sometimes onsite alongside other members of the festivals’ team.  We are adept at finding holes and “filling gaps” in existing festival and event management teams.  We seamlessly adapt and react to each new challenge.  Our production administration staff can produce a range of documents including full Production Schedules & Timelines, Event Management Plans, Safety Statements, Risk Assessments, Method Statements & Site Safety Audits.

1B - 65m x 45m



Big Top Circus Tents : We are currently the only company on the island of Ireland with over a dozen Big Top Circus Tents to hire.  From little top circus tents to hold a couple of hundred people to spectacular big tops hosting the greatest shows on earth; we can fulfill any requirement.  We can also supply flooring, seating, and staging.




Event & Site Safety Equipment : We own and supply a variety of event & site safety and production equipment including anemometers, crowd control barriers & heras fencing, fire extinguishers, high visibility jackets, festival flags, safety and event signage as well as production supplies like hard hats, safety ear muffs, gaffer tape, cable ties etc.


Online Ticketing Solution : We have developed and operated an online ticketing system in-house which can be added seamlessly to any event organisers’ website.  This system allows customers to purchase tickets directly from the event organiser.  The innovative part of our system is that customers do not have to pay a third party ‘handling fee’ as is the case with alternative solutions; thereby reducing the ticket price.  This is particularly important when the value of the ticket is low as the handling fee can cost as much as the ticket in some circumstances. Another advantage is cashflow as the event organiser receives the payment immediately and does not have to wait until after the event as is the case with the majority of ticket processing companies in Ireland.  For this reason, it has proven equally popular with one off festivals and events as for venues with regular shows.  We are able to customise the software for you for about €600.


Custom Databasing : Among others, we have developed an online event staff database for the purpose of streamlining the administrative human resources workload involved with producing a large festival or event.  Our database allows staff to easily input job roles, production timelines, contact details, health and safety documentation etc. thus providing easy access to accurate information.  For example; as contractors or staffs are allocated to certain roles, they have immediate access to all of the information required to successfully complete their role.  We have also added a function so that the event organiser can very easily see which contractors / staffs have not read the documentation pertaining to their job.  Contractors / Staff using the database can access information remotely from their smart phone which is very important on an event build where access to computers can be problematic.  Safety training modules and online training videos can be uploaded for staff training and sign off, this is an invaluable tool for event organisers.


Sourcing : We provide a sourcing service for our customers which combines our knowledge of the production industry and our network of suppliers globally. We source uncommon and unusual items as well as designing bespoke solutions for our event management customers which make their events stand apart. We have sourced approximately 30,000 unique items in the last year.


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