The Answer is Us

Organising a major event can be stressful (we know, we’ve done hundreds) but it doesn’t have to be. From concept to clean up Magnum Events can guide you through every step of the event management process. Whether you need our experience and advice or our infrastructure and equipment, Magnum Events has you covered.

We at Magnum Events have been planning, managing and supplying Ireland’s most impressive events for about two decades now. We love large, public events such as the visit of the Tall Ships in 2012 or Remembering the Rising in 2016 and, judging by your reactions, so do you. But it’s not just about the biggest budgets and largest crowds. If you’ve ever attended a local Christmas tree lighting or a Halloween parade, you’ll have seen our work too – although in all likelihood you never even noticed we were there.

You see that’s why we’re the best. It’s not just that we manage every aspect of your event or that your guests remember it for the rest of their lives. It’s that, unless you’re planning an event, you’ve probably never heard of us. We’re the guys in the background. The legs of the swan. If you’ve ever wondered how half a million people can descend on Dublin City Centre and yet the next day it looks like nothing ever happened – the answer is…Us.