Blockchain Powered Events

In my previous blog I covered the topic of ticket touting and secondary ticketing costs. This one illustrates methods being taken to prevent ticket fraud and reduce cost of tickets even more. In the past 8 years we have seen an exponential increase in the significance of blockchains and crypto currencies. You’ve probably heard words like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple, maybe you’ve even exchanged money for them, but to a lot of us, it has grown so fast that it simply does not make any sense. If you’re completely unfamiliar... Read The Rest →

Volunteer Coordination at Events

At any event large or small you’ll always find a team of volunteers. Those dedicated (and usually unpaid) souls who are pitching in to help in various capacities and disciplines. But what of the person tasked with co-ordinating them? What do they do? A volunteer coordinator manages all elements of volunteering either within their own organisation or on behalf of the organisation for which they are recruiting volunteers. The role involves assessing and meeting an organisation’s needs through the recruitment, placement and retention of volunteers. What is required of a... Read The Rest →

Event Tickets and Touting

In recent years, there appears to be an increasing number of people voicing their concerns about ticket pricing and availability for events. This trend is not exclusively a “megastar” issue either. The practice occurs more often than not for any event where demand for tickets outstrips supply, which means sporting events, club nights, festivals, theatre shows, charity events, and boutique gigs can all be plagued by touting. Facebook, Reddit and other major social media sites have many posts detailing the difficulty of legitimate fans obtaining tickets at face-value. Recent examples... Read The Rest →

FOMO and Binging from an Events Perspective

In my last post I discussed Social Media Marketing. Somewhat related to that issue are the recent phenomena of ‘FOMO’ and ‘Binging’. It’s because of binging and FOMO that we’re compelled to check our social media feed every few minutes or watch the entire season of “Stranger Things” the moment Netflix release it. But how does it relate to events and event production? More and more event attendees have a desire to attend multiple events of a similar type, or indeed the same event or show multiple times. The nearest... Read The Rest →

Is print dead? – Modern Digital Event Marketing

Despite recent concerns about personal data and privacy, the rise of social media and online marketing has revolutionised marketing and promotion of events. It has facilitated in shifting the balance of power in the relationship between consumers and marketers. Consumers now actively seek out products and events that interest them, resulting in marketers easily targeting specific demographics. It allows event planners to interact with attendees in real time, forming a symbiotic relationship. Most attendees will be using such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to name but a few, and... Read The Rest →

What China’s Waste Ban Means For Irish Events

In July last year, the global market was hit with an unprecedented barrier due to China’s announcement to ban a large portion of waste importation in effect from January this year. This was their reaction to worrying levels of pollution from the handling and processing of waste and pile ups of contaminated, unusable waste sent loosely checked from other countries. Although not an outright ban, it prohibits the import of 24 of the most polluting types of waste ranging from plastic waste to unsorted paper, and recycled textiles to slag.... Read The Rest →

Glastonbury: Technological Integration

Over the last five to ten years, technology has integrated into our lives like never before. It is only logical that festivals and large events take advantage of that integration and make use of technology itself. Technology has the ability to bring people closer together, and a prime example of this is evident at one of the world’s largest festivals: Glastonbury. For anyone not going to the festival the BBC offer full coverage over the weekend. We’ve all become accustomed to their “red button” coverage, but their HD webcam offers... Read The Rest →

The Economic Footprint of the Irish Events Industry

Until last year, no document existed quantifying the Irish event industry’s footprint. ‘Let’s Celebrate’ was a report released in 2017 by Wide Awake Communications in partnership with Ticketmaster, IMRO and Fáilte Ireland. It was headed by Justin Green, a key promoter in the Irish events industry with experience spanning 30 years dealing with mega artists. Although it is apparent that the money generated from the sector is substantial (just go out in any city on a weekend), lacking data to prove it means the government can’t move forward as quickly... Read The Rest →

Planning for Adverse Weather Conditions at Events

We’re all accustomed to adverse weather here in Ireland.  The Crowded House song “Four seasons in one day” could well have been written about our fair isle.  When planning an outdoor event, weather is one thing that cannot be taken for granted.  Preparing for something that might never happen, even in the most cash strapped of events might seem like a luxury, but the consequences if you do not could be devastating. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a few weather-related tips that we incorporate here at Magnum when we... Read The Rest →

All The Small Things…For Big Events

There’s no doubting that successful event planning is an art! They can be difficult to get right whether big or small. With advancements in tech standards, trying to consistently wow audiences is a bigger task than ever. But we won’t get into the content of festivals today, this blog is just to reiterate certain aspects of event management that don’t really change event to event but can easily adversely affect your audience.   Although there are many companies involved in bringing events to life, attendees often won’t take heed of... Read The Rest →

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