Go Green!

Are you an EFF? No, not BFF…EFF. An Eco-Friendly Festival. Ireland is home to approximately 10,000 festivals annually, of various shapes and sizes.  With that in mind, many event organisers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact their events may cause and are taking steps to “go green”. These steps can range from the simple to the complex, but fundamentally at its heart is simple common sense. The principal areas to concentrate on if you’re thinking of going green are: Waste Water Energy Food If your event is attempting... Read The Rest →

Rope & Pole

From the glitz and glamour of the Oscars where your walk down the red carpet is lined with elegant, red velvet ropes, to the brutal functionality of motorway safety bollards we spend our lives surrounded by rope & poles. Queuing for airport check-in? Well then you’re being funneled along by a retractable belt and pole. See? They’re everywhere!                   What do they do? Well, as you can see from the images above, it varies. In a nutshell though they’re used to direct... Read The Rest →

Tyvek (Paper) Wristbands

  It’s all around us. You’re probably most familiar with it sitting on your wrist at a festival or bar. But believe it or not Tyvek has many more applications which you’re probably unaware with. Tyvek is a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers which is a synthetic material. Believe it or not it is most often used as housewrap, used to protect buildings during construction! It can also be used in clothing, envelopes and even archery targets! Here at Magnum Events our event wristbands are made from Tyvek and... Read The Rest →

Anti-Climb Mesh Fencing

We’ve all done it – or at least tried to do it. Thought about it anyway. For those few of us who successfully managed to sneak into a gig the adolescent joy was off the chart. High fives and drinks all round. Oh and the constant, crushing worry that an authority figure in a high-viz jacket would ask to see your wristband. For event organisers though this is a total pain. There are health and safety issues, security issues, licensing issues, not to mention the simple fact it’s costing them... Read The Rest →

Front of Stage Barriers

Picture it. You’ve spent hours (or even days) queuing in rain and cold for the most sought after concert tickets of the season. You’ve handed over what increasingly seems like a whole year’s wages to buy them. Now you’re at the very front, gazing lovingly up at the Boss or Taylor or Daft Punk (he writes, showing his age), surrounded by the press of thousands of adoring fans, moshing for all your worth. You notice the steely eyed gaze of event security staring back at you from their safely enclosed... Read The Rest →

Crowd Control Barriers (CCBs)

Have you ever attended a music festival, a public celebration or a concert? We’re going to assume you have (if not we strongly urge you to remedy that situation!). What you may not have noticed between the music, dancing and festivities was the hidden piece of infrastructure keeping you safe, guiding you securely from stage to loo and back again. If you’ve ever queued up at a theme park, waited in line to buy tickets or attended a sporting event you’ll have spotted them too. That’s right. We’re talking about... Read The Rest →

RTE Reflecting the Rising

RTE Reflecting The Rising in partnership with Ireland 2016 is the largest public history and cultural event to have taken place in the history of the Irish state. It would not have happened without Magnum Events. Elaine O’Connor and her team provided a bespoke service to RTE of the highest order and liaised seamlessly between the national public media organisation and the diverse statutory agencies to deliver a vast and difficult event with the utmost grace under huge pressure. Magnum have the track record and reputation to broker agreement and... Read The Rest →

Tall Ships Races 2012 – Dublin

“Magnum Events were appointed to deliver on all of the production elements of the Tall Ships Races 2012 Dublin Festival. Production requirements for the event were substantial as the site included several performance spaces, volunteer, staff, media and ships crew facilities indoor and outdoor venues, roadways, campshires, the Royal and Grand Canal and River Liffey in the Dublin Docklands. Event programming that production was required for included 2 music stages, 2 indoor heritage and culural venues, water sport and urban activity zones, quayside street theatre and busking performances, markets area,... Read The Rest →

Irish Hockey – Olympic Qualifying Tournament

“The Irish Hockey Association worked with Magnum Events for the Hockey Olympic Qualifiers which were held in Dublin in March 2012. Without Magnum the event would not have been as successful as it was – their experience, ideas, flexibility and competitive costs made the event look well branded and professional. It was important for us that Magnum could respond to any last minute requests as is often the case when it comes to big events and they were always able to respond on time with no fuss. They took a... Read The Rest →

Helium Festival 2012

“The Helium Festival started from very humble beginnings and has slowly grown to be one of the most outstanding charity music events in the midlands. During the 5 years of its existence, Magnum Events have been there from day 1 to advise on the best approach to achieve a long standing, successful and safe music festival. Magnum Events have a great reputation to deliver on large events, however they bring that same level of detail, professionalism and innovation to an event sub 2000 in capacity. Elaine, Shane, Ross, Emma and... Read The Rest →

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