Go Green!

Are you an EFF?

No, not BFF…EFF. An Eco-Friendly Festival. Ireland is home to approximately 10,000 festivals annually, of various shapes and sizes.  With that in mind, many event organisers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact their events may cause and are taking steps to “go green”. These steps can range from the simple to the complex, but fundamentally at its heart is simple common sense.

The principal areas to concentrate on if you’re thinking of going green are:

  • Waste
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Food

If your event is attempting to go green for the first time, start small and work your way up. Every little helps! Something as simple as not dating your signage so that it can be reused next year can make a significant difference. Or have you considered making your signage from eco-friendly material such as wood? Using unconventional materials can help your event stand out, and wood lends itself to a sustainable and rustic theme!

Water provision at events is a health and safety requirement. Efficient and sustainable water management includes reducing water waste and there are many ways to do this.  Reducing water pressure on taps and hoses and installing auto-stop mechanisms on taps are just a few. Even something as simple as providing hand sanitiser which requires no water as opposed to soaps or gels can have a dramatic impact. This also dries quickly and reduces the need for paper towels, thus reducing paper waste.

We here at Magnum Events have always tried to use equipment such as diesel generators as efficiently as possible. Less diesel used means less pollution!  We’re also mindful of transport and logistics.  When transporting always try to be efficient in haulage. Don’t send two half loads when you can send one full one! Time of year and length of event are also factors. Does your event take place over one day? Does it only take place during daylight hours? This reduces the need for lighting, which means less use of generators and power sources, which in turn reduces energy loads.

Also, you should always endeavour to encourage your vendors to take part too. Be honest when you’re reporting to your vendors about attendance numbers. That way they can accurately plan for stock levels and avoid over catering thereby reducing food waste. You’d be surprised how much waste can be diverted to recycling and composting. Use recyclable or reusable service wear. And remember, you’re required by law to separate food waste from landfill waste.

For more information visit www.greenyourfestival.ie



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This week’s entry was written by Sean Doyle.