All The Small Things…For Big Events

There’s no doubting that successful event planning is an art! They can be difficult to get right whether big or small. With advancements in tech standards, trying to consistently wow audiences is a bigger task than ever. But we won’t get into the content of festivals today, this blog is just to reiterate certain aspects of event management that don’t really change event to event but can easily adversely affect your audience.  

Although there are many companies involved in bringing events to life, attendees often won’t take heed of that, they see the name of the event and attach every bit of every experience to it. So, an events’ reputation is a delicate one but measures can be taken to safeguard it. As trivial as some may seem, here’s a list of 10 instances which happen and should be avoided:

  • long queues
  • massive choke points
  • lack of cleanliness in (or not enough) toilets and hygienic facilities
  • not enough water points
  • lack of food & drink options
  • not enough shade/shelter
  • too little lighting in campsites, walkways, carparks etc
  • camping areas, especially family camping too close to crowd noise/music
  • too few stewards or info points
  • prevalence of fence hoppers

Just like the beat, the list goes on but we’ll look at two of the points in more detail:

Long queues
No one’s a fan but they do happen. At the start of an event, if the safety officer deems the grounds unsafe to allow entry to attendees, the organisers are responsible for looking after them. A majority will be carrying extra weight and have travelled medium to long distances to the event. No matter the weather, the organisers have to be prepared to keep the crowd calm, hydrated and with full bellies. It’s essential to have extra stewards and security ready and vendors able to set up shop outside. And make sure there’s enough food variety!
During the event when everyone has settled in, toilet areas usually result in the longest queues. It’s difficult to predict crowd movement, however, it’s best to place them away from pathways but not too far away where they won’t be used!

Lack of lighting
Attendees should feel as safe as possible inside festival grounds! And sufficient lighting is vital to this and preventing accidents! Toilet areas can become extremely slippy or muddy. Walkways can be muddy or have loose stones/rocks. Tents will have support strings waiting to catch peoples’ feet. Lastly, when entering or leaving, it should be an easy task for to find your way, especially in carparks.
As most of event work is done by day, installing lighting can be tricky to get right! Make sure to not only order powerful enough lights (and backups) but consider shadowing from trees, fencing, vehicles etc!

How to avoid these problems you ask? You just have to prepare for the worst. How do you do that? A solid crew and competent contractors. They are imperative to the success of your event!


E-Venting is an event management blog by Magnum Events

This week’s entry was written by Gary Hughes