FOMO and Binging from an Events Perspective

In my last post I discussed Social Media Marketing. Somewhat related to that issue are the recent phenomena of ‘FOMO’ and ‘Binging’. It’s because of binging and FOMO that we’re compelled to check our social media feed every few minutes or watch the entire season of “Stranger Things” the moment Netflix release it. But how does it relate to events and event production?

More and more event attendees have a desire to attend multiple events of a similar type, or indeed the same event or show multiple times. The nearest analogy I can use would be a sports fan buying season tickets rather than go to a couple of games. These attendees are called “Binge Attendees” and can be found throughout the gamut of events. Weather it’s cosplayers doing the convention circuit, a megafan following their favourite band on tour, or the season ticket holder these people are out there, and it’s becoming easier to market to them.

The most obvious, and time-honoured way of targeting this demographic is promotion during similar events to your own. Obviously, this involves permission from fellow promoters, and can lead onto cross-promotion (more of this anon) but it could be as simple as flyering a similar event or advertising your event on the big screen between acts at a festival. Your target audience is already there – speak to them!

You could also enter a cross promotion deal with other event planners. I call this the “If you like this, then you might like that” approach. However, this approach must be carefully thought out, so as not to damage ticket sales for either event. There are a few methods that can be employed. If you’re selling your tickets online, then an advertisement for a similar event can be placed after the point of sale, so a potential customer finds out after they’ve purchased a ticket for your event, or vice versa. Post event communication during your social media marketing offers a great opportunity to market similar events. Why not try the following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat: “Hey all, thanks for attending this past weekend, be sure to check out *insert event name here* next month *insert link here*”. The quid pro quo is that your partnered event can do the same for you on their social media channels. Everyone’s a winner!

Speaking of social media marketing, while it’s inappropriate to directly target your rival’s audience, platforms like Facebook allow you to target “lookalike audiences” based on similar demographics. But if your market is small and you feel that your attendees may overlap, and you’re not already partnered, be sure to obtain consent to use your rival’s data!

So, to conclude:

  • Target similar events:
    • Flyer drops just before, during or just after similar event.
    • Big screen advertising for your event during a similar event.
  • Cross promote with partnered events:
    • Advertise partnered event at point of sale (and vice versa).
    • Include partnered event in your post event communications.
  • Social Media:
    • Target similar markets and demographics using analytics.
    • Get consent to use rival’s data!


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This week’s entry was written by Sean Doyle