We Are Green

Magnum Events is firmly committed to the principles of  environmental sustainability


Our activities impact upon the environment not just through our day to day business operations, but also through our influence on our events. Our events cater for thousands of people at festivals and public celebrations. They’re big. They’re often messy. We know there is huge potential for damage to the environment at an event so Magnum Events is committed to ensuring the immediate surroundings of our events and the wider environment are protected each and every time we’re in charge. 

Magnum Events is committed to:

  • Incorporating a consideration of environmental issues into all relevant aspects of our activities;
  • Embracing relevant environmental legislative, regulatory and other requirements;
  • Adopting relevant and appropriate environmental objectives & targets and monitoring progress against them;
  • Reducing the pollution arising as a consequence of our activities;
  • Enhancing the efficiency of resources & energy consumption particularly with regard to the use of generators on event sites;
  • Ensuring environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods and services;
  • Managing waste generated from our operations according to the principles of the Waste Hierarchy;
  • Promoting and facilitating modes of transport to and from event sites which minimise environmental impact, and to applying environmentally friendly principles to the operation of Magnum Events owned vehicles.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the grounds and buildings used for events in an  environmentally sensitive way, seeking to protect natural habitats and biodiversity.
  • Promoting environmental awareness among the events industry.