Battle of Clontarf, 19th – 20th April 2014


Winner of Best Live Event & Best Overall Event at the 2014 Irish Event Industry Awards


The Battle of Clontarf Festival made history by re-creating the largest Viking village and living history battle re-enactment ever on the island of Ireland. Organized by Dublin City Council the festival was part of a year packed with events made to celebrate the millennium of Brian Boru’s rise against the Vikings.

battleofclontarflogoOver the Easter weekend over 70,000 visitors (40,000 Saturday and 30,000 Sunday) showed up at St. Anne’s Park to witness the spectacular clash of the Viking and Irish armies in a number of breath-taking battle re-enactments, which featured hundreds of dedicated, authentic living history re-enactors from all over the world. Never has the word ‘Awesome’ been so applicable.


In addition to the main event, there was a veritable smorgasbord of Viking orientated activities. A feast for the senses with displays from all walks of Viking life, including a fully functional medieval village with over 80 tents, skills and weapons demonstrations, a mounted display on horses, a Viking longboat, falconry, archery, food, workshops, music and much more which offered an incredible two days of family fun and entertainment.

Please see the links below for more information:

* Site Map
* Saturday’s Programme of Events
* Sunday’s Programme of Events

We worked closely with a number of partners to provide :

Accreditation / Access Control

– Battle of Clontarf accreditation design & implementation
– Access control systems developed and implemented

Budget Management

– Pre event budget estimation
– Battle of Clontarf Budget management & control
– Provision updates and projections throughout project
– Post event budget analysis and report

Crowd Management

– Identification, provision and management of public performance spaces
– Planning and management of the main re-enactment viewing areas


– Visual design for the programme of events
– Visual design of the site plan

Event Management

– Development of an Event Management Plan for Battle of Clontarf in conjunction with the event safety consultants
– Event Management & Event Control
– Liaison with the relevant stakeholders and statutory agencies
– Liaison with voluntary agencies with regard to first aid cover


– Liaison with insurance brokers to ensure adequate event coverage
– Collation of supplier and performer insurance documentation
– Collation of all other relevant documentation; structural & fire safety certificate etc.

Market Coordination

– Recruitment of a smorgasbord of market traders (click here for link to the trader application page)
– Supply of market infrastructure requirements
– Trader liaison & Management

Production Coordination

– Identification of resource requirements
– Supply of temporary infrastructure
– Development and implementation of an Battle of Clontarf event production timeline
– Supplier liaison & Management


– Liaison with Battle of Clontarf Viking Re-Enactment groups
– Provision of additional event programming elements with Mammooth

Risk Management

– Identification of potential project risks
– Management of fire safety risks
– Liaison with event safety consultants
– Implementation of risk management and elimination processes

Security Management

– Security scheduling and management


– Signage management plan development and implementation
– Design of event signage

Site Planning

– Creation of scaled (.dwg) CAD drawings
– Positioning of all event infrastructure and requirements


– Supply of production staff and crew
– Development & delivery of briefing plans and packs
– Staff Management

Volunteer Recruitment and Management

– Recruitment & management of over 100 volunteers (click here for link to the volunteer application page)



For a brief history of the Battle of Clontarf please click here