Dublin, 17th March 2013

As part of The Gathering Ireland 2013 initiative St. Patrick’s Festival, for the first time ever, invited thousands of people from all corners of the world to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin on the 17th of March.


Over 5,000 participants enjoyed the once in a life-time experience of parading through the streets of Dublin ahead of the world-renowned Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

For more information on the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, including this year’s date (Hint! It’s probably in mid March!) click HERE to visit the website. 


Magnum Events Responsibilities:

Accreditation / Access Control

* Specialist Project *

As the People’s Parade was a free event it was impossible to accurately estimate the amount of participants that would be in attendance. In addition to the uncertainty regarding the amount of participants, they all had to be checked in onsite in under 60 minutes. In response to this challenge Magnum Events designed a bespoke access control system whereby participants were provided with unique laminated passes in advance which included a unique QR code.

As the participants arrived at the event they were able to scan their pass and gain access to the set up area. This provided the parade management team with a live accurate count of all participants that had arrived at the set up area and ensured that only registered participants were permitted access. This in turn enabled the adjustment of the start time of the People’s parade to ensure that it flowed smoothly in front of the main St. Patrick’s Day parade and on time for international tv coverage.

Budget Management

– Pre event budget estimation for St. Patrick’s Festival

– Budget management & control

– Provision updates and projections throughout project

– Post event budget analysis and report – came in under budget

Crowd Management

– Identification, provision and management of set up space for 7,000 participants

– Planning and management of the flow of participants onto the parade route during St. Patrick’s Festival

Production Coordination

– Identification of resource requirements including temporary infrastructure

– Development and implementation of St. Patrick’s Festival event production timeline

– Third party supplier management including collation of insurance particulars

– Production site management

Risk Management

– Identification of potential project risks

– Implementation of risk management and elimination processes

Security Management

– Managing integration with the overall St. Patrick’s Day Parade security team

– Delivery of an online event specific training module in conjunction with Magnum Event’s training partner


– Signage management plan development and implementation

– Design of all People’s Parade related signage

Site Planning

– Development of site plans (CAD) for the set up areas and subsequent viewing areas

– Identification of participants check in points and routes through Dublin City Centre


– Sourcing an adequate number of parade stage managers

– Development & delivery of briefing plans and packs

– Area Controller management




For more information on the St. Patrick’s Festival please click here